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The making of the 2024 greetings card

Thank you to my very brave children and partner and to Anne Fuchs who stood in the water as well ... SEE MORE

Lives turned upside down in Philosophie Magazine

I'm delighted to have taken part in this project by producing portraits of Nicolas, Marina, Mathieu and Alexandre. ... SEE MORE

Mory Sacko, MoSuke chef

Great article in the Guardian about this talented young chef, whose goodwill is as high as his height! ... SEE MORE

My book has been “read and approved” by Télérama!

Thanks to the journalist who signs J. Se. for this review! ... SEE MORE

La parenthèse inattendue, article in the JDD

A very nice article on the book by Aurélie Château ... SEE MORE

Book of the day, in Les Echos

A very nice article by Thierry Meneau on the book La Résidence ... SEE MORE

The history of book covers, n°6: lamination

We opted for scratch-resistant satin. It will protect the cover over time... ... SEE MORE

The story of the book cover, n°5: CMYK

I went for a walk in the dustbin and brought back some beautiful rubbish with the permission of Antoine and ... SEE MORE

The story of the book cover, n°4: the wedge

We arrived at the Simon printing works at sunrise and it's now 5.30pm. ... SEE MORE

The story of the book cover, no. 3: the CTP

An entire room is dedicated to CTP machines. ... SEE MORE

The story of the book cover, n°2: prepress

To continue the story of this cover, here it is in a small town in the Jura, in Ornans, at ... SEE MORE

The story of the book cover, n°1: the choice

I've heard this phrase several times, so it was in December 2022 that we decided on one of these 4 ... SEE MORE