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The story of the book cover, n°1: the choice

I've heard this phrase several times, so it was in December 2022 that we decided on one of these 4 ... SEE MORE

LA RESIDENCE, a photographic odyssey released on 17 March

Newsletter 2022

Delphine Batho campaign poster

The appointment was made a week later in my salon. We searched, changed outfits, changed backgrounds, changed flowers and we ... SEE MORE

Interview with Linda Taieb from Digital & Cie

Thank you to Linda Taieb for doing this interview! ... SEE MORE

In residence in my home, watch it on You Tube

Big interview on Saturday 5 June: In residence in my home

Antoine de Caunes, remember Eurotrash with jean-Paul Gaultier?

Well Antoine de Caunes is still going strong on french TV and Radio. ... SEE MORE

Cover of La Vie magazine

Portrait of 15 year old Adèle shot in the garage during the lock down ... SEE MORE

« Moi les hommes, je les déteste », portrait of Pauline Harmange.

Jean-Christophe Rufin dans le Journal du Dimanche

Say Hello to Granny

Cover for the French Magazine LE PELERIN during the lockdown. ... SEE MORE