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How to turn any commission for a paper or a corporate client into a final choice of pictures that will fulfill the commissioner, the person I photograph and myself ?

That is the question I always have in mind.

Having a good time comes first:

I enjoy finding the great available light or playing around with artificial one.

I never get bored with meeting some people whose universe is so different than mine.

I always enjoy the challenge of photographing a person whose having a hard time with his own image or one who controls it too much. In both cases, it requiers a good deal of skill.

I started my career in 1999 at the Independent newspaper in London and after a short while became a regular freelancer for the Times on the feature sections.

My home town is Paris these days, I have two young children and I am glad to say that I enjoy my job just as much as when I started.

This is because every commission is an opportunity to step out of my own life, to face a challenge and to do a new photo without repeating myself.

I am a regular freelancer in Paris and around for French and British magazines and newspapers.

Since 2018, I am a Fujifilm X Ambassador in France

In 2019, I joined the agency Signatures.

My first body of work UNSEEN won the Canon woman photojournalist award in 2001, and was largly exhibited.