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As a neophyte in the Prime Minister’s office*, for 10 days I rubbed shoulders in and around the Hôtel Matignon with women whose jobs are as mysterious to me as their acronyms**.
From the first to the sixteenth, they patiently explained to me what they do and above all what they like: launching projects for one, untangling knots for another, enlightening public debate,
travelling alongside the PM, discovering all sorts of professions, meeting personalities, living in tune with current events or managing the unexpected that goes with them, etc.
These women occupy positions which, while very different, are carried out with equal commitment and pride.
This commission from the Prime Minister’s office led to an exhibition, inaugurated by Emmanuel Valls, in a Matignon lounge on 8 March 2016, International Women’s Day.

*The Prime Minister’s administration comprises more than a hundred departments, which assist the Prime Minister and take part in developing the Government’s policy.
**SGAR, SGG, SGMAP, SIG, SGSP, DSAF, etc. I only recognised one: PM.