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'Unseen' is about creative and combative  blind people who want to practice a sport like anyone else.

Whether it is swimming for small children, athletism for teenagers, football for young men, rodeo for a diabetic man, bowls for elderly people, each story shows how those people adapt themselves in life and sport.

The work won the 'Canon Female Photojournalist' award in 2001 and was exhibited at the Photojournalism Festival in Perpignan, at the Transphotographiques in Lille, at the Cosmos Gallery in Paris and in London. 

Visited countries were Australia (boulingrin and cricket), Spain (ski and football), States (rodeo), France (football), UK (archery) and Kenya (athletism).



Saut en hauteur, Kenya

Jerry Long et son cheval, Duke, Nouveau Mexique

Snowboard en tandem, Andorre

Lors du championnat d'Europe, France

Partie de fin de journée, Australie

Tirs au but, championnat du monde de Cécifoot, Andalousie

Rodrigo, Brésil

Sheila, Australie